Annual Report & ACCOUNTS for the year ended 30 June 2014

HYR 2014

EU Pharmaceuticals

Dechra Veterinary Products EU (DVP EU)


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DVP EU markets and sells Dechra's veterinary products throughout Europe and exports to over 40 countries. The business has an operating board of eight senior managers, and is managed from Bladel, the Netherlands, Sansaw, UK, and Uldum, Denmark. In total, DVP EU employs 323 people. Inventory is managed through a central distribution centre in Uldum, Denmark.

DVP EU has sales operations in 13 countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK, each run by a country manager. DVP EU also exports to other European countries such as Austria, Czech Republic and Poland, as well as other territories including Australia, Brazil, the Middle East and the Far East.

The key products in the DVP EU portfolio are predominantly Companion Animal and Equine Products; however, with the acquisition of Eurovet® in 2012, the range expanded into the food producing animal market.

DVP EU also markets a range of specialist, therapeutic and maintenance pet diets, branded Specific®.

Dechra Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing (DPM)




Manufacturing Sites

DPM produces the vast majority of Dechra's pharmaceuticals and also manufactures for third parties on a contract basis. The key strategic objectives of manufacturing are to produce Dechra's veterinary pharmaceutical product range efficiently and economically, maintain a robust and reliable supply chain for the Group and to contribute revenue and profit to the business through third party manufacturing.


The site at Skipton employs 220 people, and offers a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical manufacturing and packing services, predominantly for Companion Animal Products. The site is dual-licensed to produce both veterinary and human products. The site includes Pharmaceutical Development, Routine QC (Quality Control) and Stability Testing and Validation Laboratories.


The site at Bladel employs 108 people. The operation complements the Skipton site, predominantly manufacturing products for food producing animals in large scale batches. This site also has an aseptic manufacturing facility to produce sterile injections, an important competence in DPM's manufacturing portfolio. As in Skipton, the site includes QC and Development Laboratories.

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US Pharmaceuticals





Dechra Veterinary Products US (DVP US) markets and sells Dechra's veterinary products across the US, the world's largest animal health market. The business is strategically located in Kansas City, at the heart of the 'Animal Health Corridor', an area recognised globally for its concentration of animal health businesses. DVP US expanded during this financial year with the acquisition of PSPC Inc.'s manufacturing unit, based in Melbourne, Florida.

Led by an operating board of four senior managers, DVP US comprises 54 employees at year end, 28 of whom are field-based sales representatives responsible for around 1,000 clinics each. The rest of the team consists of marketing professionals, in-house veterinarians, field veterinarians, technical support staff and a customer service team.

DVP US currently markets Companion Animal and Equine Products.

Product Development





The Product Development and Regulatory Affairs (PDRA) team develops and licenses Dechra's own branded veterinary product portfolio of novel and generic pharmaceuticals. Additionally, the team manages post approval adverse event reporting, periodic product renewals and other activities required to maintain the product approvals.

The team of 54 people at 30 June 2014 is split into European Regulatory Affairs, US Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceutical Development and Product Development. They work at four locations: Overland Park, USA, Sansaw, England, Skipton, England, and Bladel, the Netherlands. The team includes veterinarians, formulation chemists, pharmacists, analysts, clinical trial managers and product development managers.

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