Annual Report & ACCOUNTS for the year ended 30 June 2014

HYR 2014

Our People

It is due to the hard work, commitment and talent of Dechra's employees that the Group continues to grow. Key to enabling our people to develop and perform is the leadership of the Group.

Following the divestment of the Services Segment on 16 August 2013, the SET was established to lead the development and implementation of the business strategy. Reporting to Ian Page, Chief Executive Officer, the team comprises Anne-Francoise Nesmes, Chief Financial Officer, Tony Griffin, Managing Director DVP EU, all of whom are also part of the main Board, joined by Zoe Goulding, Company Secretary, Susan Longhofer, Group Director, Product Development and Regulatory Affairs, Mike Eldred, President North America, Mike Annice, Managing Director, Manufacturing, Allen Mellor, Group IT Director, and Katy Clough, Group HR Director.

Susan longhofer

Susan Longhofer, Group Director, Product Development and Regulatory Affairs

Susan joined Dechra in 2005. A veterinarian with over 25 years' experience in the industry, she leads a team of over 50 staff around the globe responsible for a research and development programme that ensures we deliver our pipeline of new international product approvals. Balancing the strategic needs of diverse parts of the world, Susan is well versed in leading multi-national teams. Prior to joining Dechra, Susan worked for Virbac Corporation, Heska Corporation and Merck Research Laboratories.

Susan holds an MS and DVM in Veterinary Science and is a Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

She is located in Kansas, US.

Mike annice

Mike Annice, Managing Director, Manufacturing

With 24 years' experience at Dechra, Mike has been a key member of the senior management team having played a role in some of the notable events in our history including the MBO that formed Dechra Holdings, the flotation of the Company in 2000, site expansion adding manufacturing capability to our plant in Skipton and the acquisitions of manufacturing plants in the Netherlands and the US. He recently oversaw FDA approval of the Skipton manufacturing facility. Responsible for around 42% of the Dechra workforce across two manufacturing sites, he has significant experience of leading and managing multi-site teams in high quality environments.

Mike has a BSc Hons in Pharmacy, is a Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and has Qualified Person status.

He is located in Skipton, UK.

Mike eldred

Mike Eldred, President US

Mike joined Dechra in 2004 and is responsible for Dechra Veterinary Products' North American business. Mike has more than 20 years' experience in the animal health sector, having held senior positions in business development, sales and operations at Virbac Corporation, Fort Dodge Animal Health and Sanofi Animal Health. As our first employee in the US, he has built the US team to 54 people and with a strong Dechra culture has grown sales revenue to £21 million. Mike has also been involved in several commercial agreements and acquisitions for the Group including Pharmaderm, DermaPet and Phycox Animal Health.

Mike has a BA in Business, and an MBA.

He is located in Kansas, US.

Zoe goulding

Zoe Goulding, Company Secretary and Solicitor

Zoe joined Dechra in 2007. In addition to her Board responsibilities, she is also responsible for a variety of areas covering legal governance and compliance aspects across the business.

As Company Secretary, Zoe holds a unique position within the Company acting as a key point of contact for the Chairman, Senior Management and shareholders. This allows Zoe to have a broad understanding and insight of the workings of the Group as a whole.

She is located at Head Office, Northwich, UK.

Allen mellor

Allen Mellor, Group IT Director

Allen joined Dechra in 2012 and has developed and implemented a new Group IT strategy during this time.

During the last 20 years, Allen has gained a breadth of experience from the implementation of diverse business solutions across multiple industry sectors including Justice, Education, Energy, Distribution and Retail. Having held several senior management positions encompassing software development, IT service provision and IT strategy, his last role was as Head of IT for the BSS Group PLC, a leading plumbing and heating distribution company.

Allen is currently responsible for all Group IT support to a multitude of internal customers.

He is located at Head Office, Northwich, UK.

Katy clough

Katy Clough, Group HR Director

The most recent recruit to the team, Katy joined in April this year from AppSense Ltd where she was the Vice President of HR Europe and Rest of the World. With over 15 years operating at Director level within Software, Health, Travel and Finance industries, Katy brings with her a wealth of HR expertise gained in both blue chip corporates and smaller entrepreneurial companies. She has strong international, leadership and M&A experience and has taken responsibility for driving the global people agenda for the Dechra Group.

She is located at Head Office, Northwich, UK.

Our People Plan

The appointment of Katy Clough as the Group HR Director towards the end of the 2014 financial year has prompted a review of our HR plan to drive the delivery of the business strategy through our people.

The primary objective is to enable a company that drives innovation, customer, and shareholder value, joint accountability, and shared success through execution of the following plan:

People culture and values

Our people agenda is a key enabler to our strategy; we have a roadmap to execute our plan over the next few years. Two years ago significant steps were taken with the establishment of a new pilot Performance Development Review. A further evolution of this programme is currently being rolled out that cements the link between an individual's accountability and delivery of our strategic plans.

Work to determine the Dechra Values was carried out during the 2013 financial year; the Values are increasingly embedded into the way we do things in the Group, and provide a stable foundation for all people related initiatives to be built upon.

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"It is due to the hard work, commitment and talent of Dechra's employees that the Group continues to grow."

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